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JHPS Rampally
JHPS Rampally
JHPS Rampally
JHPS Rampally
JHPS Rampally
JHPS Rampally

Welcome to Jubilee Hills Public School

Jubilee Hills Public School, Rampally established in 2016, sponsored by the "Jubilee Hills Education Society" a non- profit organization aims at providing high quality education at the Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary under the CBSE pattern. This School is a non-profit organization has been set up for disseminating education to every strata of the Society.

Jubilee Hills Public School, Rampally is located near Keesara in a 6 acre campus amidst huge expansive greenery.

The endeavor is to provide students with overall personality development through academic excellence and communicative, creative and sportive skills and build their confidence while being rooted to their own culture with a mindset to be both modern and democratic.

"The School will develop and utilize the opportunities inherent in the information society to improve quality of life, knowledge, international competitiveness and interaction in an exemplary, versatile and sustainable way. The school will nurture the students in desired values and culture as is expected of a good society".

Educational establishment will be innovative center of learning where teachers will collaborate with students in developing new pedagogical (teaching / learning) applications. The school will have greater responsibility for preventing social exclusion. The use of networks for tutoring and support will become more frequent to avoid children opting for tuition shops.

Students will be continuously supported in the transition phase between different educational levels. Education will be imparted with a premise that “every child can learn” The institution will strive in future to learn how to exploit tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge.

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