About Jubilee Hills Public School

 Jubilee Hills Public School Overview

JUBILEE HILLS PUBLIC SCHOOL, Rampally established in 2017, sponsored by the "Jubilee Hills Education Society" is a non-profit organization which aims at providing high quality education to the Primary and Secondary students. This School has been set up for disseminating education to every strata of the Society at the most reasonable and affordable fees.

The School is programmed to develop and nurture the innate creativity and inquiry in students by using the inherent opportunities of the information society and prepare the students with a sense of belonging to the civic society, a zeal for community service, with necessary emotional and moral strength to compete globally in an exemplary, versatile and sustainable way.

JHPS Rampally stood in its splendour on a sprawling six acre lush green meadow, to provide education and benefits of a city school in a semirural area. The school provides well ventilated spacious class rooms of space 650 sft, well equipped with 3D lab, Computer lab, internet, intranet, i-boards, projectors, computers with digital Smart boards and projection systems in every class room enhance and facilitate learning and teaching.

A well equipped high-technology based Science, Social Sciences, Mathematics and Language Laboratories complement the Classroom teaching aids.  The concept of " education without pressure " is enhanced through these facilities.

A vast state of the art library in the form of Information Resource Centre aimed at with an acquisition of around 5000 titles.

A Talking tree is available in the school to enhance communication skills of the students.

Auditorium with a 600 seating capacity is available for students to sharpen their communicative skills through debate, drama, role plays and their aesthetic skills through dance, besides workshops and exhibitions. Vast playground with International Standard Tennis, Basketball, Volley ball, Cricket, Football, Play station for K.G students is available for students.

Organic garden is an additional feature along with a Mango garden.

The endeavor is to provide students with overall personality development through academic excellence and communicative, creative and sportive skills and build their confidence while being rooted to their own culture with a mindset to be both modern and democratic with the motto " Tradition and Technology ".

School at Jubilee Hills:

Jubilee Hills Public School, Jubileehills is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi(Affiliation No. 3630364) from 1991.

Established in 1986, the Jubilee Hills Public School, sponsored by "Jubilee Hills Education Society" has achieved significant results in providing high quality education at the Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary level under the CBSE pattern. The School is a non-profit organization disseminating education to every strata of Society.

JUBILEE HILLS PUBLIC SCHOOL, Jubilee Hills is located in a sprawling area of 6 acres for the school to provide the much-needed educational infrastructure to the public under a neighborhood school concept.

Today the school provides highest quality education to more than 2300 students from Class I to Class XII and is assisted by a highly qualified Teaching Faculty of about 150. The school has an illustrious record of 100% results at the AISSE/AISSCE CBSE examinations since 1991, out of which 90% inevitably are distinctions and first classes.

The infrastructure and facilities can be rated by all standards. About 80 well ventilated spacious rooms with fully digital white boards and projection systems in every class room make up the learning and teaching space. Multiple e-teaching modules developed by various professionals across the country are used for imparting quality education.

Well equipped high technology based Science, Social Sciences, Mathematics and Language Laboratories complement the Classroom teaching aids. A fully equipped English Lab is available enabling the children to acquire proper communication skills.

The concept of “education without pressure” is underlined through these facilities.

A very spacious library with an attached reading room and 14,000+ titles make up the knowledge augmentation space.

The huge play ground provides a much needed open space required for any school for children to learn and play. Outdoors besides the regular P.T. and Athletics, Aerobics, Yoga, Gymnastics, Cricket and Archery are also taught. Two professional synthetic courts one for tennis and another for basketball are available to the students.

Co-curricular activities like Dance, Music, Art &Crafts are given due importance to bring out the hidden talents of the children. An in-house magazine “Hill Side News” is published by our own students every term, and an annual publication “ASCENT” captures the events in the school.

Facilities like Intranet, integrating School, Staff and Students; a large pool of computers,and use of technology at every level makes JUBILEE HILLS PUBLIC SCHOOL a truly networked and technology savvy environment.