Library and Reference Section:

Jubilee Hills Public School, Rampally has a very spacious Library with the books neatly displayed. It is well ventilated and air conditioned. It has a separate reference section.

Library Collection

Library is well equipped with a good collection of books, Magazines, CDs. It has more than 3200 books in different categories which include a wide range of reference books. All the reference books are stacked in the Reference Section. Library has a collection of CDs which cover different subjects. School Cinema – a package of value based movies will be shown to the students which help to inculcate and improve the values in the students. Library subscribes various Magazines and newspapers of English, and Telugu which help the students to improve their general and current awareness. Library follows Dewey decimal classification for classifying the books which is based on subject classification. Books are arranged on the racks based on these class numbers. Entire library is fully automated.

JHPS Library

My Class Board software is used in the library for automation of the collection and in house operations of the library. The computerized catalogue (OPAC) which saves the time of teachers and students is made available for staff and students on the intranet.

Library Services:

Library provides its services through fully automated transactions. Students from classes I TO V have one library period every week. Books are given to the students of classes I to III to read in the library during their library period. Students of classes IV and V visit the library during their library period and borrow the books for a period of one week using their library cards. Book Clubs and Book fairs are conducted every year to inculcate the reading habit among children.

Overdue Fines:

In case students fail to return the books on time, an overdue fine of Re.1 per day is charged with minimum fine of Rs. 5.

Facilities in the Library:

Library is facilitated with the equipment which fulfills the needs of teachers and students. There is a projector in the library to show movies and educational Videos to students.