New Arrivals

S.No Name of the Book Written by
01 Vijaya Nagara Burton Stein
1 Vijaya Nagara Burton Stein
2 Creative Teachers DR.Wakhlu
3 English Phonology Giege Rich
4 The Untouchables Mendelsohn
5 A concise History of South India Noborukara Shima
6 Alexander the Great Philipfreeman
7 Indira the life of Indira Nehru Gandhi Richille Mead
8 Buddha in Central Asia Sunita Dwinedi
9 The Really Incredible Maths Book Rupa
10 Geography A children Encyclopedia John Wood Ward
11 Big ideas that change the world Julie Ferris
12 How people Lived Jim Pipe
13 Learn the Library Grammer(60) Natasha Mehta
14 501 Animals Facts Shree books
15 501 Fascinating facts Shree books
16 501 Incredible facts Shree books
17 The letter farm A TO Z Rain Tree
18 Human Body children Encyclopedia DK
19 Telangana People Struggle Sundarayya
20 Micky Wonders Why Shree book
21 Maths Around us Shree Book
22 Indian Myths and Legends Macaw Book
23 Great saints of india Macaw Book
24 Grammer in action Scholastic
25 World Book Encyclopedia A Scott Fetzer Company
26 Over 1000 Fantastic Animal Facts Miles Kelly
27 Over 1000 Fantastic Earth Facts Miles Kelly
28 Atlas Miles Kelly
29 Harry Potter J.K.Rowling
30 Children Book of Art DK
31 Amar Chitra katha Vishnu Sharma
32 Make Your own Skeleton Dorling Kindersley
33 Help Your Kids with Maths Dorling Kindersley
34 Oxford Dictionary Oxford University
35 Cambridge Advanced Dictionary Cambridge University