B. Naga Durga Hasini

Class 8A
Roll no :10

My School
Jubilee Hills Public School is the best school. I like my school very much. We have got wonderful teachers, who motivate and teach us. They are very supportive. Our school is well equipped with Science, Math and Computer labs. We also have a beautiful library from where we get books issued and we are encouraged to develop the habit of reading. We learn both theoretically and practically. I enjoy these sessions very much. We have got so many features in our school that help us learn and play comfortably. We play indoor games and outdoor games enthusiastically and I love the playground the most. My fellow students are very friendly with me. Our School believes that everyone should get a chance to speak on stage so, morning assemblies are organised and conducted by students. The school focuses on holistic development wherein, not only in studies we also get a chance to showcase our talent during Sports Day and Annual Day celebrations. This the best part I like in my school. I am very happy to be a part of Jubilee Hills Public School.


(Student Name-Charvik)

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Posted on November 8, 2019